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what can i say about me im 6ft2 brown hair blue eyes actually its best to ask me on MSN or sumik add me on your MSN to

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Friday, February 08, 2002
I gotta dedicate this site to some people like me bestest m8s in the world EVA first of all there is Wendy who is there for everyone 24/7 cept when she is pissed then dont go near she can be an evil cow secondly we have Martyn fab bloke but a bit camp and very very in ya face but i couldnt live with out her thirdly we have Steve well I have only known Steve a short while but he has made a huge impact on peoples lifes . When the four of us get together we each show our own personal traites Wendy is the one that likes everyone to get alone but dont cross her coz then you will die Steve goes into evil mode and bitches at everyone Martyn is the popular one who everyone wants to either shag or be and im the one that keeps the lot of them in check either by sorting them out being the most evil out of the lot of us.

Hiya my name is Karl if you hadnt of already guessed that. im 20 and live in a place called Gateshead near Newcastle upon Tyne ( its a little dive BTW) currently i am being a lazy arse but i hope that will change when i win the lottery well if you wanna know owt else just ask me either email or add me to MSN both on